Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

Here are 12 simple ways to relieve stress that you can add to yourlife and life activities!

  1. Keep a journal and write down the things that are causing you to feel stress. 
  2. Talk with a friend, family member, counselor or minister about your feelings. 
  3. Laugh Daily 
  4. Play with a Pet - your own or the pet of a friend or family member. 
  5. Learn and practice grounding - Reconnecting to the earth 
  6. Volunteer to help with an organization, charity or non-profit 
  7. Work on art, crafts or learn to paint 
  8. Put a puzzle together  
  9. Read something you enjoy 
  10. Listen to an audiobook or soothing music 
  11. Meditations - Try breathing deeply and focus all your attention on your breathing. Feel and hear each inhale and exhale. Breath deeply and slowly. 
  12. Prayer - Spoken and written prayers are found in most faith traditions. You can pray using your own words or read prayers or other spiritual readings.

Article shared by Sharon Fant, RN