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Diabetes is Not Normal

There is absolutely nothing normal about Pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes experience many of the following issues that would not be considered normal by any means:

  • Many diabetics constantly worry about what they should eat and how what they eat will affect their blood sugar levels.

  • Having diabetes accelerates the aging process and causes pre-mature wrinkling of the skin. It also hastens the destruction of the body’s vital organs.

  • People with diabetes suffer more symptoms of depression and have higher rates of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

  • Diabetes is the fast lane to disability. Many studies show that diabetics are between 50% to 80% more likely to suffer from a disability compared to non-diabetics their age.

  • Diabetics have an entire drawer, dresser, or closet devoted to diabetes supplies.

  • Being high means something completely different to diabetics than it does to most people.

  • Diabetics have heard from well-meaning friends and family, ‘You can’t eat that!’ too many times.

  • For many diabetics the pharmacy is number 1 on their speed dial, and they’re on a first name basis with the pharmacist.

  • Diabetics live with the threat of bad things. Diabetes complications are no joke, and they dangle over diabetics 24/7.

Even the most tightly controlled diabetic doesn’t have 100% normal blood glucose all the time, and there is a toll on the body from worry. The possibility of complications is ever present in their mind.

Article Excerpt from “Become a Diabetes Dominator Workbook” by Sharon Fant, RN - Available on Amazon.

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