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Details for the 21 Day "Defeating Diabetes Together" Challenge

Do you or someone you know want to reverse type 2 diabetes?

It has been proven in multiple scientific studies that diabetes type 2 can be reversed (in most cases).

The not so big secret is that lifestyle is the key to reversing the effects of diabetes. With the proper diet and exercise, you can effectively “cure” yourself from type 2 diabetes.

Of course, this is easier said than done especially with all the confusing information and diets that are promoted. But now, you can get the know-how, the tools, and the motivation to reverse your disease with our new, 21-Day “Defeating Diabetes Together” Reverse Diabetes Online Challenge. All done from the comfort of your home or from anywhere.

Every day of the 21-Day Challenge, you will get a motivational email – the email will contain tips, educational clues, inspiration and motivation.

The Challenge also gives you a free easy to understand eBook “What Are You Putting Into Your Body?” that contains valuable information that you can use to create the best eating plan and healthy lifestyle personally for you and your life and it includes a 21-day Worksheet with a Journal you can use to keep track of your progress.

The 21-Day “Defeating Diabetes Together” Reverse Diabetes Challenge Includes the following:

  • eBook – What Are You Putting into Your Body? – 45 pages

  • A 21 Day “Defeating Diabetes Together” Worksheet & Journal

  • What To Eat – List of the best foods to eat and foods to avoid

  • Three separate Zoom meetings led by Nurse Sharon with Q&A sessions

  • Zoom Meetings will be recorded, and Re-Plays will be available

  • Daily Emails with Diabetes Challenge Tips and Clues for Daily Motivation

Facilitator/Educator Information:

This challenge is hosted and facilitated by Sharon Fant, Registered Nurse and Reverse Diabetes Educator & Trainer who reversed her diabetes in 2018 using the holistic tools and training she will share with you so that you can reverse your diabetes too.

Nurse Sharon takes you through a structured program designed to help you understand the root causes of diabetes and how to use simple changes to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise to beat diabetes for good using a holistic approach.

Nurse Sharon, worked as a Home Health Visiting Nurse back in 1985 working with many patients with chronic diseases, including patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. But what she learned working with her home health patients and from getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes herself in 2008 changed her life and the lives of her patients forever.

First, as she worked with diabetics and transformed her own beliefs about diabetes through studies, self-education and connecting with a growing movement that said that diabetes type 2 was NOT a progressive disease, she learned that she had been betrayed by the medical and healthcare industry. In fact, she discovered that diabetes type 2 in most cases is completely reversible.

Second, she learned that the practice of taking insulin and medication like Metformin to keep blood sugar levels down only worsens your condition. This practice creates insulin resistance—a condition that means you keep taking more and more meds, until your pancreas eventually stops working. In fact, it’s this very practice of taking insulin and meds that lead to most of the complications from diabetes like blindness, liver disease, kidney disease and amputation. Get Nurse Sharon's knowledge and years of experience in the 21-Day “Defeating Diabetes Together” Reverse Diabetes Challenge.

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