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21 Day "Defeating Diabetes Together" Challenge

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This 21 Day “Defeating Diabetes Together” Challenge will help you understand how nutrition works and how you can establish optimal eating habits without breaking your wallet. This 21 Day Challenge is a simple and effective challenge that teaches you simple things you can do immediately that can significantly improve your health. You won’t believe how many simple lifestyle habits contribute to bad health. Knowledge is power. Nurse Sharon’s 21 Day "Defeating Diabetes Together" Challenge is a very comprehensive program with online meetings, training and educational sessions. Nurse Sharon uses her over 36 years’ of experience working in medicine and healthcare, her firsthand experience of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes for 10 years before REVERSING IT and her over 10 years’ experience working with Alternative, Natural and Holistic Health techniques and Modalities to help you REVERSE YOUR DIABETES HOLISTICALLY. This challenge is for individuals who have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and those that do not have diabetes but want to prevent it. Email me at OR text me at 281-216-7134 if you have questions about the 21 Day Challenge before registering!

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21 Day "Defeating Diabetes Together" Challenge

21 Day "Defeating Diabetes Together" Challenge

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